Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Poems

If you live near Boston you won't believe how beautiful it is out !! The kids keep saying !! The kids keep saying It's Summer!! These are some poems my class is learning this week during Shared Reading Time. Each child will get a copy for their poetry books. During Daily 5 Time a must do  read a new poem/song chart. The student's illustrate their small copy to practice during Read To Self Time! Happy Spring!!

word chunk OOK ~sight words and, you

The kids love this poem!!!

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  1. I love these poems! Thanks for sharing them. :)


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. I glad you will use them! Melissa

  3. These poems are so CUTE! I found your blog through the linky:) I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll stop by my blog and check out the giveaway Im having....help me reach 100 followers.

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  5. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! ENCHANTING!!!!!!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE

  6. May I use your Spring Poems in my parent newsletter? I'm trying to encourage reading at home. I may use three or four in a section of my newsletter
    Thank you!

  7. Spring by ????

    How pleasing...
    not to be freezing!

  8. Thanks, I'm using these in a Pocket Letter Spring theme.
    Will source your website :).

  9. How come there no names of writers?

  10. There are names at the bottom of some of the anchor chart and some are anonymous. You sometimes have a poem from years ago and unfortunately you don't always know the source.

  11. Some of these poems do not have authors. I'm trying to figure out who was the author of the ping pong sing along poem

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