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Many years ago I was lucky to have an amazing technology teacher who was always excited to explore different ways we could bring technology into the classroom this inspired me to use technology in my classroom. I came across two classroom blogs and loved seeing all of things happening in their individual classrooms. Nicole (my technology teacher helped me create a classroom blog. Rather then write a weekly newsletter I began weekly shares on my class blog. I have gotten wonderful responses from parents and the kids in my class.

Why I have a teacher blog?

The sole purpose of this teacher blog is to share things that work in my classroom and to connect with other teachers in any way possible. I am not trying to promote my ideas I am just trying to share. I have met many amazing teacher bloggers online who I have never met in person but feel fervently connected to.

I think sharing in the field of education is so important. I can remember my first public school teacher job. There were many teachers who were reluctant to share their great ideas.
I believe it is much more empowering in schools when teacher share their ideas and experiences.

I think of myself as a lifelong learner. Everyday of teaching brings me on a new learning adventure. I always want to find ways to bring best practice to my primary classroom. As a teacher, I have a deep interest and passion for literacy and technology. I feel great when I share something that I know someone else may use, especially if it helps a child to learn.

Joyfully yours,



  1. Hi Melissa- thanks for all you share!! I am trying to upload the sight word stamping book and having a hard time. Can you email it, or give me a hint? Thanks, cathy edington@morrice.k12.mi.us

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I saw a comment you made about your "daily 5" time during the day...would you be willing to share with me what you do for daily 5 in kindergarten. I have been interested in doing it for some time, but was unable to wrap my head around it!
    Thank you,
    Kali Rechtzigel

  3. Hi Melissa!

    I added your blog to my new list of blogs at Kindergarten Network. Stop by sometime and check it out when you have a chance and let me know if I left out any details you would like to be added.

    Lil' Country Kindergarten
    Kindergarten Network

  4. Hi Melissa- I just found your blog through Pinterest. It is pretty amazing. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas. I haven't taught little ones before, but I will be working with teachers next year K-5. So I am spending part of my summer exploring blogs to get as much information and resources as I can.

    I am a KC teacher as well. I have taught in both KCMO and NKC.


  5. Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all of your amazing posts. I am teaching kindy for the first time this year and have used many of your excellent ideas. Your generosity in sharing all of these resources (and all of those downloads) is wonderful.

    thanks again,

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I love your "Thinking Map Thursdays". Do you do something "special" like that for each day of the week?


  7. Hello! I just found your blog and love it. I was wondering if you had a way for me to download your word family houses other than using Scribd? Thanks so much!



  8. Hi Melissa,
    I just found your blog through April's Chalk Talk. I love your ideas and it is certainly clear that you have a joyful classroom. I am now teaching pre-K but I'm sure I will still be able to use so many of your ideas. Thanks for sharing them!
    Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales

  9. Thanks for your comment MS Goff! Melissa

  10. I'm amazed with how much you and your joyful learners can get done in one day! I thought you might have said at one point you are on a half day schedule, how does that work for you? I'm so inspired by your writing strategies, and have even started a few of the techniques you talk about. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  11. We have a full day two days a week with just 10 kids. That's how I get so much done! I am so glad your using some of the writing strategies! Your post has made my day! Thanks you Melissa!!

  12. Hi Melissa,

    I have enjoyed browsing through your very informative blog.

    I am wondering if you would be interested in writing a review of my new CD, Count, Add, Subtract! - Fun With Math, Music, and Movement.

    I would be happy to send you a complimentary copy. You can read more about this recording at: http://www.happalmer.com/Files/Count,%20Add,%20Subtract!.html

    I could also include a link to your website.

    Thank You,

    Hap Palmer

  13. Thank you for sharing your creativity and your knowledge. I've been teaching a long time, but this is my first time in Kindergarten. I had been reading Joyful Learning and decided to google it and you were one of the links that came up. That book is a STAPLE read for anyone teaching Kindergarten!!! Keep up the GREAT work you are doiing and I'll be following you right along.

  14. Wow! I am so motivated by your blog! I have just discovered it and I am so excited to try many of your writing workshop ideas. I am new to K this year so I am looking for simplifying my teaching from my 1st grade ways. I was trying to download some of your main idea templates and Nancy Carlson pages but was unable to do that . Is there another way to download them? I noticed that they were last years posts and I am wondering if it has something to do with the changes to google this year? Please advise as to where to find these awesome resources. THANKS! You are a real inspiration!!!!!

  15. Once again, Melissa, we love reading your informative and joyful blogs! We thought you might enjoy seeing how we featured this blog post on our Pinterest board (http://www.pinterest.com/nellieedge/great-ideas-for-kindergarten/), which will also be featured in tomorrow's news eblast. My email, if you wish to respond, is info@nellieedge.com. Thanks for sharing the excellent work you do with kindergartners.

  16. Dear Melissa, I was searching my book of years ago, "Joyful Learning in Kindergarten" and came across your blog. So wonderful that joy is still there. Keep it up. Bobbi Fisher

  17. Hi-
    I just downloaded a few of your nonfiction text feature pics to make a poster like yours for our library! I found them on your google doc. Is there anyway you can send me these- label, cutaway, and Index. They are missing.
    Amy Hansen
    Palo Alto

  18. Melissa,
    Thank you for selflessly sharing your classroom and ideas to others. I love your work!

  19. melissa,
    Having a hard time downloading your Writer's Workshop paper from a post a while back. Did you take it down? Could you share it again?

  20. Hello Melissa!!

    What a wonderful blog you have. I'm so incredibly inspired and am finally making one of my own. I hope you're loving your new job this year. I returned to Woodland last week and really miss seeing you there.

    Take care my friend!


    P.S. Any tips on how to make my blog colorful like yours? I can't seem to find any templates as awesome as this one. I'm also using blogger. :)


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