Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eric Carle Alphabet

We finished our author study on Eric Carle by making an Eric Carle Alphabet bookWe created sheets of tissue paper using glue and water. Once the sheets were dried, we cut out different shapes. 
The hard part was trying to come up with pictures for each letter.

This art project felt manageable because the students made the pictures a little bit bigger than a piece of paper. I went to my art teacher and asked advice she said, "little kids do better with little pieces of paper." In the past, I have done enormous posters but thought "I can't do 26 huge posters."  I mod podge over them to give them an extra POP! If you look closely at Eric Carle's work it's all about shapes, and it is pretty simple to replicate.

This is what it looked like across the room. 


  1. Oh my goodness.... your room is gorgeous! Your kids should be so proud of their hard work!

  2. Those Eric Carle pieces turned out amazing! I'd love to hear exactly how you got your kiddos to make such beautiful pieces.

    The Littlest Scholars

  3. Hi Jessica, I am uploading a slideshow to my class blog of the kids working on the different pieces and I will send you the link. I had them draw on the back with a pencil and then cut. I would give feed back if the shape was too small. I would go over the animal shape for example the ladybug needs to be a huge circle and now I want you to cut out small circles for the dots. I would have them cut out lots of rectangles for the legs. Some of the very artist kids could do the whole thing on their own. The trick was to work with small groups and have them check in before they glued. I also had different kids work on the same picture over different days for example the ladybugs body was made with two kids and the next day I had two other kids make the legs but cutting out tons of rectangles. I also did not let them draw with pencil which was really difficult. If you decide to do it email if questions come up or you want more specific examples!Thanks Melissa

  4. Wow again!


  5. Wow! Those are beautiful. We will be studying Eric Carle books in April. I can't wait to try something similar. Great job!

    Happy Blogging!

  6. These are so terrific! We have done the caterpillar and the butterfly as a group and it is fun but does take several days. I can't believe yours! Really wonderful!

  7. Those are so beautiful!!! Awesome job!

  8. I'd love to have the link to your class blog and to be able to see these being made! They are awesome!
    My emai is



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