Sunday, November 23, 2014

Squirrel Math and Books

Squirrel books + Squirrel Math Problems=Fall

This post will share with you some of my favorite books about squirrels and some squirrel math story problems. 
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by Adam Rubin
Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

I came across these books at my local library and fell in love! 
Living in New England, the kids see squirrels all the time. We have a bird feed outside of our classroom and there are always occasions when a squirrel will sneak inside...the kids go WILD!

Scaredy Squirrel
What kid does not LOVE Scaredy Squirrel?

Squirrel Math Story Problems

I love this book by Lois Ehlert.
This is a true story based on an experience Lois 
Ehlert had with a squirrel. The back of the book has lots of facts
about squirrels.
I think Pebble books are perfect for kindergarten.
I plan to read this book to my class and have students
write facts about squirrels.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shared Reading

I am a strong believer in assessing kids where they are at socially and academically and helping them to grow.  I want to provide a classroom community that focuses on developmentally appropriate practices that instills a love and hopefully a passion for reading and writing.

     I start the year with strong expectations that all of my students will become readers and writers. Many students will begin the year with self-doubt and it’s at these moments when our teaching matters most. In my classroom, I am constantly trying to find ways for students to feel successful in their literacy journey.

For kindergarten age, I think it’s essential to set aside at least twenty minutes a day for shared reading.  In September, these texts are familiar songs and poems written on chart paper or big books.

These familiar songs and poems will be read again and again during group time with the goal that students will return to these books and song charts during independent reading time. The beautiful thing about shared reading is that you can create your own text to read chorally along with the class. Students like to make books that can be used during  the shared reading time

{Displaying Books in an Inviting Way}

  It does not take long for students to fall in love with characters like Mrs. Wishy Washy or to enjoy singing the familiar songs over and over again.


The students really love shared reading because it is a highly engaging lesson. Because we read the same books over and over again the students become more confident as readers. In kindergarten, you can quickly make reading material for your classroom.
I am reading.
I am playing.
I am running. 

  Once students know the text, it is important for teachers to take the book to the next level. It is not enough to just read the book we need to teach something to our students that will help them become better readers. 

We were working on the heart word LOVE.

At the beginning of the year, we want students to learn about concept of print.  Where do we start to read?  What direction do we move in when we read? Who can find a word? Who can find a letter?  As the needs of our students change so should the instruction we give. 

 I like to introduce two or three sight words from the text that will be the words we will work on during  word work time.   Nellie Edge has a wonderful site that is loaded with poems and songs you can use for shared reading time as well as suggestions on activities for word work.

If you teach kindergarten, It is important to set time aside each day to do shared reading with your students. Shared reading is one of the most important parts of the day. It helps young students learn how to read.

Here are some big books I have made with my class this year!
Five Little Pumpkins
 We wrote this book during an interactive writing time.

I typed the words and students worked with a 
partner to illustrate.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Fun

This week we filled in a class fall poem. Since it is the beginning of the school year,  it would be too difficult for each child to fill this template in by themselves. I had students work in groups of three. One child was assigned to be the "Recorder". We had many conversations about working in cooperative groups. Each child had to share something in their group. All the students helped illustrate the sheets.

This Week
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Halloween Math
   Roll Two dice Pumpkins  

 The pumpkins are a little fuzzy... sorry, it's free clipart!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I like Fall Leaves Book

Happy fall!
Here is a little emergent book I plan to share with my class.
The students will color in the leaves on each page.

I plan to work on color words too.

Book For an I PAD

If you use I PADS in your classroom you can download a 
color version for the students to read in iBook.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Alphabet

Here are some simple alphabet activities.

Making a Class Alphabet Book

Each child made an illustration or two for this class book.
This book is added to our classroom library.

You can see my
class book here !

click here for Alphabet book 

Making Individual Books
{small books}
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Alphabet Charts
 {Fall, Halloween and Blank}
 Kids can make their own alphabet chart.
I have a couple of different templates below.
My son Owen, who is in first grade loved illustrating the Halloween
theme above.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Bus Problems

Here are some story math problems 
that focus on taking the bus!!

You can see above that we used math cubes to solve some simple  bus story problems. To begin with I told some story problems about students getting on the bus and off the bus. I photocopied the template on yellow paper and laminated them.

Working in small groups, the students took turns telling and  solving story problems.

Bus Problems 
Students solved some of the problems below 
using pictures, words or numbers.