Sunday, November 20, 2016

Book Introduction

One of the goals in my building is to find opportunities to create anchor charts with the kids. 

Last week, I taught a lesson in a first-grade classroom on how to give your reading partner a great book introduction. The students did a great job during the focus lesson but the teacher felt like many students did not try this new strategy out during partner reading time. 

We decided that creating an anchor chart would give the student's a visual reminder of how to give a book introduction.  We plan to give copies of the anchor chart to partnerships. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Five For Friday

Here are some of my favorite literacy things happening in my school this week.  It is Five For Friday and I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching. Happy Friday!

 A first-grade teacher in my building made this anchor chart, which represents the writing process . The kids can move their clips to the spot in which they are working in. The goal is to have the kids go through the process many times before publishing a piece.  Thank you for sharing Laura! 

A few weeks ago, I attended a TCRWP reunion. One big take away my primary team had was the idea of having students use black felt pens/markers for writing and drawing. Normally, we let students use lots of different tools to use such as markers, crayons and color pencils.  We do value drawing, especially in kindergarten but what often happens is that a student could spend days and days and possible weeks coloring. 

This new approach is to focus on the volume of writing (first bend) by having students write lots and lots of books with just a few tools. The teacher writes lots of books too during her mini-lessons. Next week we plan to introduce green editing pens.   

 This anchor chart encourages students to write many pages at workshop time. 
 This  teacher was launching reading workshop time in kindergarten and taught her students to look at the cover carefully and think about what might happen in the story. The reading adventure begins with the cover! 

This week my building focused on small group instruction for strategy lessons. Here are some things we talked about below.

Joyfully yours in using special pens at writing workshop,

Friday, October 28, 2016

Five For Friday

Here are some of the great things happening in my school this week.

During interactive writing time, this class wrote about their trip to the apple orchard.  During reading workshop time, students can easily read the wall with a pointer. Eventually, the bulletin board will come down and be made into a big book.

This teacher had students help write some of the words to this pocket chart for shared reading. The words come from the book, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.
These first graders are creating a Thinking Map about bats. 
I LOVE this story Night Animals! It is a great book to use for an illustration study. This book is available in the Scholastic book order.
I went to the TCRWP reunion last weekend and of course it was amazing. One of the workshops my colleague attended was about volume and stamina expectations in writing workshop across the year. A big take away for my team was that when teaching the first bend of a writing unit, the focus should be on the process and volume of writing. We want kids to be writing lots of books. The second bend is when you teach kids how to edit their stories. You can see some of the expectations below. 

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