Monday, September 18, 2017

Joyful Self-Portraits

Hopefully, it has been a few weeks and teachers feel back in the swing of things. September is time for creating a classroom community. Many of the teachers in my building celebrate the month by making self-portraits. Check out some of the beautiful children below!

We have student's outline with a pencil and go over it with a Sharpie. The last part is to color with pencils, markers or paint. 
Jessica had her student's paint on a canvas and hung them up with Command hooks(easy for next year). She got the canvases for a great price at Michael's. 

Amy had her students draw, outline and color. She pasted them on a color background and cut out their names. 

Katie had parents guess their child at Back to School night. I like how she didn't laminate them. Simple yet beautiful. She puts these in their school portfolio. 

Hopefully, your finding a place in your class to celebrate the faces of your students. 

A great big thanks goes out to any teacher who nominated Joyful Learning for a top kindergarten blog ❤❤

If you are planning on launching writing workshop in your classroom check out this post on tips for getting started.

Joyfully yours,


  1. Hey... Any tips or specifics about painting on canvas? Acrylic or tempera? Outlining first? Sharpie or pencil. I'm teaching 3rd this year and would like to try this- something new for me. THANKS for the great inspiration, always.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Yes Jessica used Acrylic for the pictures on the canvas. Don't use tempera . She had the students out line with pencil and sharpie. She also had these great paint markers she got at the craft store. The markers had skin colors and were simple for kids to use. Melissa


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