Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing Workshop the Rushers!!

Right now, I have a handful of kids that I call the RUSHERS!!! They are constantly starting new stories and rushing to the next. In the past, students never checked in with me when starting a new story. I believe strongly in students making choices about starting, ending, and leaving books. I also think that for kindergarten rushing is age-appropriate.

How to help the rushers?

 I am now making them do a Five Finger Planner sheet every time they want to start a new story! The child puts a detail/part of their story in the boxes and the lines tell how you felt. You see samples of the kid's work. This is a tool I plan to use with some children who need it. 

Class Samples Below

click here to download


  1. Oh, don't we all have a group of rushers! This is a great way to slow them down and keep them more engaged in their it!

    The Littlest Scholars

  2. I love all your ideas! Thank you for sharing them!


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  3. I call mine "FFs" for Fast Finishers! I guess we all have them. Thanks for sharing your plan. I will definitely try it.

    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  4. I think I have to switch it to the FF's that is so funny!! LOL!!!

  5. I've been working with my five-year-old on writing his first book (mostly to practice his handwriting). This would be a great tool. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I am glad you can use it! Melissa

  7. I love this!!! Can't wait to use it with my rushers next week!

  8. Mrs. M I am so glad you can use it! Melissa

  9. Thanks so much! what a great idea. We do so much book writing and book making in my class but this activity would be a great springboard to really encourage their creative side, more than them just adding on to my creative side.
    See the books my kids have created this year !


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