Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back To School Book

I was at the library this week and came across the book Rufus Goes To School by Kim T. Griswell

The story begins
Every day, Rufus Leroy Williams (the third) turned the pages of his favorite book. He looked at every picture. He made stories to go with them. But he could not read the words. Rufus knew just what to do. He would go to school and learn to read. But first, he needed a backpack. 

As the story goes along Rufus has a significant problem, the principal will not let pigs go to school. Rufus has to convince principal Lipid that he should go to school. 

I think this is the perfect book to kick off reading workshop time. Just like Rufus, we want our students to read the pictures and learn about the words in school.

There are many teaching possibilities with this book!  

                Happy reading!

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