Saturday, November 10, 2012

Writing, Math and Reading Goals

Goals are so important. 

I feel like I am always setting goals for myself. I think teachers do this all the time!! 
What am I working on? 
What are my goals for school today? How can I teach better? How did that lesson go?  What should I do to reach the struggling student? How can I reach the student child who seems to know everything? 

Making goals help me be more organized and focused. 
I also feel great when I accomplish something. 

Goal Setting With Students

I always want my students to think about creating goals for themselves, and I know this is a difficult task especially in kindergarten. I will be talking about writing goals, and someone will shout out something that has nothing to do with reading or even math.

Each year I ask myself what can I do to bring kindergartners one step closer to making appropriate goals.

To make goal setting easier for kindergarteners, I decided to make sheets that they could just circle the goal they think they are working on.
There is a spot at the bottom for me to write what I think they are working on too. I hope to change these goal sheets as the year goes on.

 Writing Goals
Last year I shared with you  Writing Goals board above. I created another sheet to use for the fall belowThese are the writing goals we are working on right now.

Math Goals
  This summer I read this book How to Assess While You Teach Math by Dana Islas. I LOVED this book. Dana shared some great math lessons and shared how she gets her students involved in the assessment process. I loved how she had her students make math goal. Dana also sends home the goal sheet so parents can see what their child's goal is in school. 

This book encouraged me to have students set math goals! I strongly recommend this book. It also comes with a video of some of the lessons.
Dana suggested reading The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle to help kids learn about goal setting.
Here are the math goals we are working on. If you look on the sheet above Solving Problems could also be word problems.

I am taking a class on algebraic thinking, and some of the work is posing problems like 2+3=4+1.
When first posing this kind of problem is two plus three the same as four plus one there was a lot of confusing looks, but the kids are getting it!

The focus is explaining your thinking and sharing why or why not you think this is true.

From these group discussions, I have learned a lot about what some kids know about math.

Reading Goals 
I do use the CAFE board when doing Daily 5.
Eventually, the kids put their name on a Post-it and stick it under the category they are working on during the reading time. I decided to make a sheet that had specific goals for reading time.

I think this is a good way of making explicit what readers are working on, and it's something they can put in their portfolios for self- reflection.


  1. Love these. I love how you askbchildren to reflect about their learning.
    Did you align them to the Commmon Core?

  2. Hi Mrs. Parker I will have to take a look. My school is not moving into Common Core until next year. I know our math program is in alignment with the core and the math goals came out of the learning goals with that. So far I really like what I see for the common core goals so I would hope! I will get back to you! Melissa

  3. Your goal sheets are awesome!! I'm going to pin it and make one for my first graders. Thanks for sharing!!
    Connie Anderson:)

  4. I love your goal sheets.

    I went to download the Writing Goals board document, but it says I have to be a member to Scribd to download it. Is there another way I could get it?


  5. I can definitely imagine modifying this for my first graders.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Thanks very much. I really like their simplicity.


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