Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Writing Workshop Goals

After the new year, I decided to have my class make Writing Workshop goals.

I decided to make a chart with the different categories we are working on at this time.

Goals for Sounding Out and Uppercase letter
Goals for Writing STAMINA and Using Word Wall Words
Goals for Spacing and Five Finger Planner
Goals for Writing Sentences and Writing About Your Feelings


  1. This is fantastic! I made my own goals this morning to use in my classroom, but yours are so well done. Thanks for sharing. Happy to have found your blog!


  2. Thank you for your goals. They are great and are much needed. I was unable to download the chart. scribd would not allow me to for free. Please e-mail if you are able. Thank you again.


  3. Your writing goals are amazing with child centered language. This allows children to take responsibility for learning and achieve goals. You're truly a born teacher with passion.

  4. Thank you for the compliment Annie! Language is so important in the primary classroom, it's something I am always working on. Melissa

  5. Hi there! Are your goals sheets editable? Thanks!

  6. Great post! I could not get the links to work? Would you be willing to share them another way? Thanks so much! yvonneeyrg(at)GMAIL(dot) com

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