Saturday, December 3, 2011

Writing Workshop

I use this chart at the start of writing workshop time when all the children are sitting on the rug. I got the idea for this board from
the book The Castle in the Classroom by Ranu Bhattacharyya.

Before we start writing time, I have the children think about where they are at. 

Are you drawing? 
Are you thinking about
your next book? 
Do you need some help?

 Below is a checklist I use to keep
 track of where my students  are  at.

 If I see that many children are just drawing, then I may need to focus my mini-lessons on writing words. 

Everyone wants to share in the Author's Chair so the rule is three kids can share at the end of workshop time. 

This year, my rule is that you can only share once that week.

Status of the Class

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