Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grace Lin

Retelling a story helps readers recall what is happening in the story they are reading or listening to. A retelling usually includes characters, settings, problems, and solutions or the main ideas of the text. It involves telling what is important without telling too much. 

I had the children make illustrations with a partner. The two Grace Lin stories were The Red Thread and Lissy's Friend, both stories have strong problems and solutions. 

The children in my class LOVE both of these books. The Red Thread is a fairy tale adoption story. Lissy's Friend is about Lizzy moving to a new school. 

 During large group time, we talked about the important parts of the beginning, middle and ending of each story.

After working on retelling, we connected this lesson to the CAFE board and listed Retelling the story under comprehension.
We are creating kites based on the Grace Lin's book Kite Flying. I decided to have the class outline with black paint. When the paint dries we hope to make patterns with markers and oil crayons.

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