Saturday, June 15, 2013

September Writing Idea

This post will share with you a September book idea from my wonderful teaching friend Amy. The book is called Things I Love. Amy had her students make these books the first week of school. You can see two samples below. I LOVE this idea and plan to use it in my kindergarten class next year! Thanks for sharing Amy!!!  Amy teaches first grade. 

 I love to play baseball.
 I love to play football because I love to play sports.
 I love my family because they are nice.
 I love soccer because

 My little baby sister sleeps a lot but I still love her.
 I love mama and dada cause they do nice things for me.
 I love my stuffed animal she is the best stuffed animal in the world.
 I like dogs and cats.
I really like pretty things.


  1. What an awesome writing idea for the beginning of the school year. You will learn so much about your kids. I'm going to do this as well.
    Thanks for sharing the template!!
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. Thanks to Amy for sharing. It is perfect for the beginning of the year. Did she use a mentor text? I'm thinking this could fit in a unit on pattern writing.

  3. Hi Mary I don't think she used a mentor text but I think it could go with Todd Parr books nicely. His books have easy patterns that connect with feelings/young children themes . Melissa

  4. Wow!I really love this kind of ideas.. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

    write my book


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