Monday, July 1, 2013

Nancy Carlson Books

I love Nancy Carlson books! They are the perfect stories for young children. We finished our school year reading all of her books. 
Here are some of my class favorites.

What we notice about Nancy Carlson books...
Many of her characters are animals.
The setting takes place at school.
The animals have a problem.
The problem could really happen.
Nancy's books always have happy endings.
She makes THINKING/DRAWING BUBBLES in her books.
You can find familiar characters in many of her stories.
The kids wrote books inspired by Nancy Carlson.  


  1. I love Nancy Carlson too!! You have a few books that I don't have, so I'll have to check them out at Amazon.
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. Mrs. Anderson,
    I love all of her books!!!! She has a great UTUBE for her book Henry and the Bully. My class loved hearing her talk about it!

  3. My students are fans of Nancy Carlson too! I love the Welcome to Kindergarten and First Grade books. Perfect for beginning a new school year.


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