Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fingerprint Ladybug Story Problems

We made Ladybug story math problems with out fingerprints! 

I just love how adorable this bulletin board came out! 

First made the background with colored pencils.

 Next, we printed our fingerprints with red paint.
The students could decide how many ladybugs they wanted for their math problem. 
Then, we added dots, legs, wings and antennas with black sharpie.
  We wrote our story problems on an index card.
I typed the book spelling below on an address label. 
Here are some story problems below!
 There were four ladybugs.
How many legs?
 There were 7 ladybugs.
How many legs?
 There were four ladybugs.
1 flew away. How many is there?
 4 little ladybugs. 
How many dots were there?
There were 4 ladybugs.
2 flew away.
How many legs?
I hope to do butterflies after vacation!


  1. Extremely wonderful way to put the maths problems to children in such an interesting manner - I am sure they must be eager to participate. I love this.


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