Friday, December 16, 2016

Happy Friday

My favorite things this week! 

 During Interactive Writing this kindergarten class listed their Super Reader Powers!! 
We had extra bubbles and decided to let the kids write what SUPER POWER they are working on.  It's so important for kids to have individual goals (even in kindergarten)! 

What am I working on as a writer today? This teacher found it helpful to give her student's a few choices. 

What are we learning about from favorite authors?

A first-grade teacher getting ready to conference with students about nonfiction text. Below are some teaching possibilities.


  1. I love the Super Reader Powers Chart. I'm curious as to what the kind of powers the last two pictures represent. Would love to hear when you have a moment. :)

  2. Hi Beth,
    The last two represent partner power (when kids read together) and the last one represents rereading power. Happy weekend! Melissa

  3. It's all great and inspiring, as usual.

  4. Matching words and pictures was the favorite thing I had ever done in my childhood.
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