Friday, March 18, 2016

Five For Friday

 Lots of great things have been happening at my school this week. I loved watching kindergarteners learn about reading mats.
Students learned about putting  Post-its on the back of a book and making tallies every time they reread. This is an easy way to recharge and energize students to reread books in their book bins.
                     Reading and listening new spring books.
Teaching a strategy lesson on reading smooth. I love this anchor chart from Jenn Serravallo's Strategy book. This book is an excellent resource to have for reading workshop. 
Watching a focus lesson on SEE SAW reading in kindergarten. The classroom teacher demonstrated the lesson with the song below. I love how she made little symbols on the song chart. The teacher first modeled with another adult and then had the student actively engage in the lesson by doing it with her. 

Lastly, I have enjoyed watching second-graders learn about making their reading more fluent. Teachers love the lessons from the reading units of study. My favorite day of the week is today because I am off to the TCRWP reunion this weekend...I can't wait!!!

Joyfully yours in reading books at a JUST RIGHT pace,


  1. I love that bumpy to smooth fluency anchor chart. Great ideas!

  2. Great ideas! I love the keeping track of re-reads on a Post-It!

  3. I've been using very similar strategies to help my readers think fluently this year. I really like the scooping strategy. Anyway, there are great things going on at your school. :)

  4. I think the best part of all the ideas shared, is that they are simple to do! Melissa

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