Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ten Things I Love About You

Today's blog post is going to share the book Ten Things I Love About You by Daniel Kirk. This is a book I came across last year and put in my pile of must have books.

It is a coincidence that I decided to share it in the month of February, it goes along beautifully with the idea of friendship and love.

This isn’t a typical storybook with a plot that has a beginning, middle, and end. Instead, we open the book and see a map of rabbits house and pigs house with a blue path showing how close to each other the two friends live. Sharing the title, students can quickly make an inference that this is a book about friendship.

We learn that rabbit is making a list. He is making a list about his friend Pig.  Pig is delighted to hear that rabbit is making a list of ten things he loves about him.

Rabbit is beginning with number one on his list and quickly gets stuck. He turns to Pig to give him an idea. Pig, on the other hand, is doing his own writing and is trying to concentrate.

The reader inevitably learns that pig was writing a list too of all the reasons why he loves his friend rabbit.

This is the perfect book to teach kindergartens about making lists. Take this book out of the library and read it to your students they will find this story delightful like I did. 

Click the download below to have students make a   list for someone they love.

Joyfully yours in making lists about people you love,

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