Monday, February 15, 2016

March Madness Book Ideas

My building is organizing a March Madness book match. If you are on Twitter, you have probably seen it before. March Madness is like the basketball tournament when teams knock each other out. Instead of basketball team again basketball team, we match book against a book.

8 books against 8 books

 In my building, we are having all the kindergarten, first-grade and hopefully second-grade teachers do a March Madness together.

Some of our big ideas are to have one classroom be in charge of counting the votes for that day in all the grades and figure out the book winner. Not only will March Madness get kids excited about books, but we hope to involve a lot of math. 

As at team, a group of teachers plan to come up with a detailed plan of what books we read and how we can share a limited amount of books in the building with nine classrooms.

Before we can do any planning, I am asking for your help.  

We are thinking of selecting 16 books altogether. I would love any book suggestions you may have. Please leave a book suggestion below.  It could be an old favorite or a brand new book. I would love to add some nonfiction books in the mix too. 

What book would you recommend and why?


  1. Hi Melissa! We are trying this at Country for the first time. I would love to use The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. I think it has a lot of powerful messages -- growth mindset, never giving up, being open-minded, but it also has a great design and engineering message, too. Have a great vacation week, and stay warm! -- Christie

  2. Christie,
    Talk to Susan about March Maddness, we did it last year and the kids LOVED it!! I love the book The Most Magnificent Thing, great suggestion!
    My principal gave everyone a copy of the book the Most Magnificent Thing and had The Most Magnificent Day of Play. On a half day, the kids all brought in recyclable material and played all day. It is a big tradition in my school. Have a wonderful week. Melissa

  3. My kids love Mo Willems' Piggie and Elephant books. Watch Me Throw the Ball is a definitely favorite. I do like this idea. I'd love to see what books you all choose. Maybe you can post about it when you know. :)

  4. Tammy, I am glad you suggested Watch Me Throw the Ball. I was thinking of Mo Willems and kids love Elephant and Piggie!

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