Friday, February 26, 2016

Five For Friday

I have been working on a few things for March Madness. I am working in a new building where the teachers have not done this fun, book-to-book match before. Having experienced it last year, I know the teachers in my building are going to love it. It brings excitement and engagement to a month that can seem so long in New England.
When I started to put up the bulletin board featuring the books, the kids all began to buzz in the hallway about it, and that is what we want. We want students to be buzzing about books.

In my building, we have nine classrooms participating. The biggest issue is how can we share a limited amount of books and keep score. You can see below we created a SCOREBOARD. Once the classroom teacher reads both books, they write down how many kids voted for the book.

Make sure when you do select books that you pick books that work for you. Last year when I did this I took books from the Internet and the book that one was very disappointing. This year, I tried to pick books that were diverse, funny, biographies and new to teachers. Next year teachers will choose the books with me.

Reading Experts 

First-graders put Post-its on keywords in their non-fiction books. They had the opportunity to share their knowledge with kindergartens in the building. I love the picture of the key! 

The kids wore NON-FICTION EXPERT necklaces with a picture of what they were going to teach someone on the back. 

Shared Reading 

I have been working with a first-grade teacher on implementing shared reading with a chapter from a  Mr. Putter book. I always think of shared reading with big books, so this has been a new experience for me. I hope to blog about this soon.

Joyfully yours in celebrating books in the primary classroom,

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