Friday, January 15, 2016

Five For Friday Teacher Travels

I  am linking up with 5 for Friday.  Here are five things I loved during my TEACHER TRAVELS this week. 
I love how my second-grade team made Tiny Topic Notebooks. The children were eager to put them on and capture writing ideas.  You can see above that the classroom teacher presented them in a treasure chest. The following day, I watched a second-grade teacher wear her own Tiny Topic Notebook and demonstrate how she could take a topic from it and begin to write a story. It was powerful for the kids to see the teacher using it too! 

After reading Martin's Big Words, the children drew on a Post-it and described Martin. 
I did an interactive read aloud in a third-grade classroom using the book Martin's Big Words. I plan to read this book in kindergarten today too. I love a book you can use in any grade level. 
We introduced an anchor chart to a  third-grade classroom.

In this second grade classroom, the teacher taught students to tap and touch each page(telling their story) and then to go back and jot quickly what you plan to write at the top of each page. 
I love interactive writing.  This first-grade teacher is making a book about the school community. Her class plans to give it to a kindergarten classroom.  This class has been working on this writing for weeks. I love how the teacher is connecting social studies with writing. 
I learned in this first-grade classroom how to write a twin sentences. A twin sentence is when the student writes a sentence and what they end with in the first sentences, is what they begin with in the second.

Joyfully yours in reading, writing and sharing! 


  1. Cute little notebooks! I like the presentation of "Tiny Topics" Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It comes from the Lucy Calkins second grade unit of study Lessons from the Masters. It is a great unit.

  3. I use tiny topics notebooks too. I love that the teacher presented them in a treasure chest.

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