Monday, March 2, 2015

Addition Number Designs

Happy March! I hope it starts to get warmer soon.  I can't take this cold weather any longer.Today's Monday math post will be focusing on the math game called Number Designs. 

For this math game, students will be making number arrangements using colored titles. Students should be encouraged to make as many number designs as they can. I think it helps to have them use the same color tile. 

Above the student were making number arrangements using the number 8. You can assign students different numbers according to their needs. 

Quick Reflection 

For years,  I taught this math game called Six Tiles that is Number Arrangements using six tiles.  I knew we were creating designs using colored tiles and having students make arrangements with sides having to touch (no corners): but I didn't know why we taught this lesson. The math manual didn't  get into the why. The students were not encouraged to make number sentences. 

I recently took a workshop focusing on Kathy Richardson's math assessments/games, and we had a great conversation about this game. 

We played the game and talked about how this game is about subitizing. This game gives the student practice in creating and describing the parts of a number. Student's also used symbols to label the parts. Now when I teach this game, I start with the rug, creating some number arrangements together. The only rule is that the tiles have to touch in any way. 

As a group, we talk about the different number combinations we saw. The first part of creating and talking about each design was very much like a Quick Image(without flashing an image). Below you, can we labeled the combination 5+8 but some kids saw 2+2+4. It was important to let the children share their thinking before they worked independently. 

The last step is recording the arrangements.
Below you can find a book for your students to record their work. 
My students recorded their tile combinations and labeled with a number sentence. 

{little hands like little things}
click here for Number Design Book 

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