Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Word Family Games for Dr. Seuss

Today's post is going to share a few simple games to add to your word work time.

Read the book Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss.

Illustrate Game Cards

Have the students make illustrations to match the word on the game card. I think it is much more beautiful when we use children's art word rather than clipart.

Match The Rhyme

Working with a small group of children I start with the cards facing up. I would pick a card and the students would have to find the card that rhymes.

Find the Rhymes

Working independently, students find words that rhyme and put them together. They could record them in their word study journals.

Memory Game

Play a game of memory. The object of the game would be to flip over a card and find a match.


The cards can be played for a game of ZOOSE! In the past, I have shared a game called Moose but instead of Moose we will use a silly word ZOOSE.  You take a card and if you read it you get to keep it. If you pick the ZOOSE card all of your cards go back in the deck. 

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