Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Word Work Making Words

I blogged last week about how I am structuring word work time in my classroom.

This blog post will share with some word work stations I do in kindergarten.

Making Words 


I found this center much more manageable when I put out these little white boards I bought at Lakeshore.

 I put the magnetic letters on the board. The students come over to the table and work on one word at a time. When the student finishes, they pass the board to someone else.

{All of the five words that we are working on for the week}

Using magnetic letters can be confusing and messy in the beginning. I try to have an adult at the table the first few weeks. Once students are comfortable making words I, introduce the recording sheet.

words recording sheets 
{ word list from Teacher College }

Fountas and Pinnell suggest...

 Whenever possible, have children manipulate magnetic letters. These letters can be used for many purposes-sorting, building, manipulating words, changing letters to make new words, as models for writing the letters.

 I got these little containers at IKEA I think in the spice section.

This year I have two word walls. One wall is for words that everyone in the class is learning and expected to know. We add words slowly to this wall once we learn them.

The other word wall I use for the students who came to kindergarten knowing a lot of sight words. I have the wall above filled with sight words we are learning. There are words on this wall that we have not learned yet. This wall makes management easier for me. I can quickly take words down and use them during station time.

The Alphabet Station

{Using an Alphabet Chart}

On TPT, this year I bought Joelle's Beginning Sound Match Up, and I love it! It is an easy game that uses magnetic letters for matching. I think it is a great station to add to your word work time.


  1. Thank you!!! I was anxiously awaiting this follow up post...I'm ready to put this into action next week in my classroom....Can't WAIT to hear more from you...I sure wish I could be a "fly on the wall" in your room!

  2. Thank you! Christine and Ronnie for your comment. Christine if you are new to using the word work board start off with just one station each. I would have four different stations and each day have your students go to one, for example, making words above, big books (reading and finding the class word in the book, a poem station (Nellie Edge has tons) the kids can illustrate the poem and read it and the last station a game like Moose or Wordo (it's on my blog if you go to the search box). After a week or two you could add the second. I hope that make sense! Melissa

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