Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thinking Maps Thursday

What are the details in a setting?
 I think the word setting can be tricky for kindergarten students.
We talk a lot about the setting in the stories that we are reading in class.

This lesson used a Brace Map to help students become aware of all of the details in the setting.

Brace Maps are used to identify the relationships between whole physical objects and their parts. Creating them helps the students develop spatial reasoning skills.

           (You could scan a picture from a setting in a story)
These pictures are included in the download they come from a free clip art site.
( I enlarged the Thinking map to an 11x18)

Brace Map for Favorite Characters

click here for download


  1. I'm having trouble with the download?? Thanks! I love the activity!

  2. It should work now...thanks for letting me know! I was trying to organize my Drop Box folder and I think it made it unlink!! If it does not work email me! Thanks Melissa

  3. You always make learning make sense for little people.


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