Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kevin Henkes Books

I love Kevin Henkes books, and the kids do too. I recently made some book trailers based on his books. 

I used the Animoto app, and it was extremely easy to use! I had the students draw pictures based on the characters, setting or problem using the Doodle Buddy app and we drew pictures with markers and crayons. 

I uploaded the pictures, and we created words together. We also picked the music to go with the story.  Put your mouse over the Thinglink below! The kids LOVED watching them. I look forward to making many more movie trailers. 

(go over the image below and click on the shape)

Thinking Maps focusing on Kevin Henkes Books

There are some templates below for many 
of his books and favorite characters. 

Bubble Map 
Have students make the character
and write describing words.

If you love Kevin Henkes like we do, you can find some other blog post here:

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