Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Alphabet

Making a Class Alphabet Book

Each child made an illustration or two for this class book. This book is added to our classroom library.

click here for Alphabet book 

Making Individual Books

Students can make their own alphabet book.
{small books}
Click Here 

Alphabet Charts

Kids can make an alphabet chart. I have a couple of different templates below. My son Owen, who is in first grade, loved illustrating the Halloween theme above.

Click Here 


  1. I have to use a specific alphabet chart from the district but I love this. I used to do something similar with the handful of my kids who needed extra alphabet help.

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  3. Bunches of incredible items there. I have never been here sounds like a brilliant spot. thank you for sharing .
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  4. animal will be next based on the clues hyhkd in the illustrations.


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