Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Story Ingredients

My class has been working on retelling stories.
What are the story ingredients?
This chart hangs in the meeting area, 
it is a helpful tool for students to use. 

The children use the story strings below to retell a 
familiar story to a partner. 
{Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution and Tie-Up}
We are learning to use the stringing words below when retelling stories. We notice many of these words in our class read alouds.

The Maisy books have been a big hit in my class. I think they are
perfect for kindergarten!!! They are simple, short and funny.

After reading Knuffle Bunny my class worked on the following
reponse sheets. 

 (Important Event or  Problem Solution)


Phoenix pre-k said...

I agree with those who highly recommend this preschool. I witnessed a loving environment there, and I have regularly visited there and been there for as long as 50 minutes.

Peter Siddle said...

Great story post with nice images, i agree with you.
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Anonymous said...

I find your blog so very useful and so fun to read! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful poems and songs you share! I tend to "permanently borrow" many of your ideas!!! Your resources are fantastic!! Signed, a Very Grateful K Teacher from Maine :)

Mrs. Clancy said...

I am so glad you use some of the ideas shared!Melissa

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