Sunday, December 1, 2013

Word Work

Here are two word wall games I introduced last week during Daily Five Time. Both games come from the book Classrooms That Work They Can All Read and Write by Patricia Cunningham and Richard Allington.

This game is just like Bingo but called Wordo. 

I play this game with a small group of kids. The students are writing all of the HEART words in the boxes. Have the students put the words in different places. Write the words on an index card.
Students take turns flipping a card and reading the HEART WORD.Students color in the word they read with a yellow crayon.
The student who gets three in a row wins or play until BLACKOUT!

I Am A Mind Reader

The students sit in front of the Word Wall when playing this game.

Each child writes a word on the line after the clue is given.

Clue #1 I am thinking of a word on the word wall.
Clue #2 It has a vowel in it {aeiou}
Clue#3 It is a three letter word
Clue#4 It ends with the vowel E
Clue# 5 It begins with the letter T


  1. I appreciate you posting these activities. As a literacy coach I am always looking for something "fresh" to share with my teachers


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