Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thinking Maps Thursday!

 This post will share with you some of the things we are thinking about in KC.


{Circle Maps}

The kids worked in small groups of 2/3 kids. The paper is 12 by 12. I wanted it to be a manageable size. I plan to put these together into a book. 

Describing Shapes
{Tree Map}

Draw and Label
{Circle Map}
            This connects to our little Draw in Label books here

Writing Workshop
{Flow Map}

 We had used this thinking map before we wrote our nonfiction personal narrative stories. The boxes have time, order words to help student record what their friend does in a day. 

Chapter Book
{Flow Map}
We are working on making mental images when listening to  Ivy and Bean.  This is a great way to retell what is happening in the story. 

Dr. Seuss Rhymes
{Bridge Maps}

click below for some downloads
{Fonts by KG}


  1. Thinking Maps Thursday is one of my favorites! I feel like I learn so much about how you use them in your room. Thank you!
    Conversations in Literacy

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