Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bunk Beds And Apple Boxes

Years ago my school had some professional development training with Math in the City. One of the things that my school district bought from this training were Rekenreks for each classroom. Of course, they bought everyone Rekenreks but did not show us how to use them!!!!  I knew Math In the City had published math units and was excited recently to find that I could buy individual ones.
The math investigation begins by reading a story about the sleepover.  Heinemann does sell the book series with the beautiful colorful illustrations.  I love any math book or product connected to Catherine Twomey Fosnot. The story is about how every time, Aunt Kate goes does stairs to get snacks the kids trick her by changing their arrangement on the bunk bed. The story explores arrangements of 8.

Quick Reflection

My school uses TERC Investigations, and we explore the problem I have five crayons some are red, and some are blue. This crayon problem can be challenging for a kindergartner.  This bunk bed problem is a similar kind of problem. I love how the investigation begins with a story, children act out the bunk bed story(getting into different arrangements) and then they use the Rekenrek to make some of the combinations.  On the third day of this Investigations, the kids loved creating sleepover problems. The kids could pick any number for their problem.  You can see the book below. I typed their words to make it into a published class book.

There is also a math bunk bed game to play.

We use the Rekenrek to show all the different combinations the kids
can trick aunt Kate. 
Math In the City Bunk Beds and Apple Boxes
My tech person Nicole sent me this excellent site simplebooket. If you are a teacher, you can get an education account for ten dollars a year. It's easy to use. You can't add audio, but there are so many cool things you can do on this site. Next week I hope to blog about the second half of her book Apple Boxes!


  1. I love your chart. Your kids are so very blessed!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I LOVE Cathy Fosnot's work! The whole series is amazing and the students really understand the connections between numbers when this program is employed in the class. They don't realize that they are learning. I would encourage you to continue exploring this resource and others by Cathy and keep using those rekenreks!

  3. Over the summer, we received a training for Contexts for Learning. We tried to do Bunkbeds in the beginning of the year and it went over the poor children's heads! We currently use Everyday Math so this was supposed to be used in conjunction. We like what it strives for but it is difficult to fit into our day!

  4. I do think the number 8 is big for kindergarten. I do think using the Rekenreks for a few months before starting Bunkbeds helped. I think it is so difficult to fit it all in!!

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