Monday, March 26, 2012


The Shape Lesson

 The class comes back from a special and find a letter from Shapey.
Here for Letter

The students had the choice to draw if they did not want to cut out the shapes. I had student color the shape and then cut out.

The kids do a lot of discussions about. They do think he is real and because of that a lot of conversation swirls about him. They are concerned about figuring out what he looks like. I told them, Shapey loves math, and he would be thrilled to see how we came up with so many different ways to solve this problem.

Quick Reflection

  • I was amazed that all of the kids created a  symmetrical shape with ease. 
  • Making symmetrical butterflies a few weeks ago, helped students understand what that means.
  • Some needed me to say go back and add some squares or triangles. 
  • Some are missing some shapes, and that is okay too.
You could recreate this letter and put shapes you are learning at that time. I love that it shows kids problem-solving. They came out great!


  1. Very clever! Thanks for sharing.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Thanks Tammy! Have a great week! Melissa

  3. I love this! You always have the best ideas! I wish I was in your class. ;)

  4. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the pages! I think we'll try this tomorrow! :)

    Primarily Primary:

  5. Angela, That's great! You'll see how funny the kids react and talk about him! Melissa

  6. Hi! So I introduced it today and they loved it! We did not finish in our allotted math time, so we'll move on in it tomorrow. One of the things my kids noticed rather than me was that the letter and the shape sheet don't match. The letter calls for 15 shapes to make his body, but the shape sheet calls for 3 more. The pentagon and 2 rhombuses are omitted from the letter. We went with what the shape sheet said since I wanted them to have more variety of shapes to use. No one asked how he was supposed to look, but some of them said they had heard of, seen, or even met Spacey before. HA! One student told me that he knew that Spacey's dad's birthday is April 7th. I said, "Well, we better get to work so we can have these done in time!" :)

  7. Angela, That's so funny that your student picked up on it! I made a different sheet at first and thought it was so tricky so I changed it on the templates. I had the read the letter a day or two before we did the project. I will fix that!!! Isn't it so funny the way they talk about him! I had to do this lesson over a few days too! Thanks for pointing that out. Let me know how they came out! Melissa

  8. These shape people are great! We are about to start geometry and this is a fun project.

    I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit my blog when you get a chance!


  9. Wanted to let you know I posted information about this activity and linked to your post on my blog. I posted pics of the portraits my kids made as well.

    Shapey-fun math activity!

  10. Loving the letter idea too! Thanks for sharing the great work.


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