Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sight Word Stamping Book!

This post will share some word work I am using in my classroom this week.

 I made this stamping books for sight words.

I found that the size of the book is perfect for K's. I put the four/five words we are working on that week stapled together. They read write and stamp each word. You can click on the pages below.

Unfortunately, I could not upload them all together! You need to cut the page in half. You can see below is the cover and the bottom page. The bottom page is blank,  I let the child write the word they are learning. I also have a word sort focusing on the AD chunk and a making words sheet. Cover of Stamp Book on and was is and will me and see They and Said.cwk (DR) on and as Very and Went His and They to and too And and That Are and With be and the Making Words this week ap, ad, Picture sort for the AD family AP Words Sort


  1. I love the stamping book :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! They are great!

  3. LOVE the stamping book!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Is there anyway to download this stamping book without having a Scribbed Membership? I love it just can't get it.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Scribd won't let me download them all :( but I did get a few!


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