Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Terrific Twitter Tweets

Making Classroom Books 

Learning from others is at the core of what education is all about. Below are some Terrific Twitter Tweets I have added to my favorites and would love to share with you. Some of these Tweets are reminders of the simple things we can do in our classrooms to make them joyful learning communities where students are happy readers and writers.

In my opinion, making books in the primary classroom is a must. What I love about this photograph is how simple the bookmaking process looks in Brianna's classroom.

When I first started making books in my class I would make them big and colorful and laminate them. I would also turn every big book lesson into an art project. All of those extra steps just took a lot of extra time they were related to my learning goal, but not necessarily relevant. I am sure the kids in this classroom are gobbling up these books and they don't cost a lot of money or time!!

Interactive Writing 

I love the suggestion of using interactive writing with small groups and words study time. I was recently reading a new book called Interactive writing across Grades, and one of the suggestions was to have the students write the word families you are working on that week. What I love about this book is that the author gives TONS of examples of interactive writing, and they also have sections called Listen in on a Lesson. Here the author writes in a way where you feel as though you are in this classroom taking part of the magic that is happening. If you are new to interactive writing, this would be a great resource to own. If you have been doing interactive writing for some time, this is still going to give you lots ideas.

I love to use interactive writing during small group time. I would use it as a station during word station time. My new take away from this tweet is the idea of when we make a list of word families, let's have the kids write them too!

Sometimes we think we need lots of "STUFF" to teach and we actually don't. These tweets remind me that that the only stuff we need is paper and writing tools.

Joyfully yours in sharing the pen and making books,


  1. I've really been enjoying Twitter as a professional resource too. Anyway, I'm all about class books as well. Making class books in a small group is a grand idea. Thank you!

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