Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wonderful Words Wednesday

  We finally we got some snow in New England but not enough to have a snow day. 'Tis the season to teach students songs about snow!

Before introducing a new chart, I always have students look at the chart and tell me what they notice. This simple question allows many students to be successful some students see sight words and some students notice letters. 

I find that these simple songs and poems become extremely meaningful to emergent and beginning readers.
Below are some of the songs and poems students are learning in kindergarten classrooms.

Once poems and songs are read and sung, again and again, we can add them to their independent song books. We can also return to these poems to do some word work.

Class Innovation of a Song Chart
During interactive writing time, you could make a class big book and have the students create pages of where it could snow. Make sure the places in which it snows all over is a one syllable word.

Joyfully yours in snowing all over the school,

click here for snowed a heap
click here for five little snowmen
click here for snowmen cheer 

Source: Authors unknown
Snowed a heap is a traditional song
Font: KG fonts and Jessica Stanford


  1. We work with poems every day, too. Thanks for sharing your poems and ideas.

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  2. I am glad you do poems too! Melissa

  3. Sounds very similar to what I do as well. "What do you notice?" has become one of my favorite questions.

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