Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Making List Valentine Poems

This post will share a simple Valentine lesson I am doing this week with my class.We began by brainstorming words we could use in our Valentine day poems.

Next, I showed my students how we could take words and phrases and make a list poem. I demonstrated writing words and phrases down the middle of the paper. In my example to the class,  I did not use any rhyming words and I repeated some words.

One child raised her hand and told me that I made a mistake because I wrote the same word twice. Another child quickly raised his hand and told her that poets do that on purpose. 

Students practiced reading their poems with expression.

I LOVE  these stamps I found at Michael's craft store. The students could decorate their poems with stamps or pictures.

Charts this Week!
{Download Below}

Winter Poems click here

Valentine Poems click here


  1. I love that your little ones are already poets!

  2. Tammy,
    You are always so kind! Happy weekend. Melissa

  3. Fascinating information I haven’t been experienced such information in quite a long


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