Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Word Family Books

This post will share you some word family books 
you can illustrate and read during word study time.
{Word Families AT, AM, AP, AD, AN}

Read a book to the class
talk about the rhyming words from the story.
{book suggestions below}

Build words using letter cards or magnetic letters. 

Make a list of the word families.

Have students work on individual books.
Have the students make illustrations.
{Each book has six words and a blank template}

click here for word family books

Some Books Suggestions
If you have any I would love to hear from you! 


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  2. Do you know the poem, Meg's Egg or My Favorite Word? Both are great for short e. Not exactly chunks ...but this gives me food for thought. Another great post.

  3. Mary I will have to add that to my list! I went to a reading workshop over the summer and the instructor said that Dan the Flying Man was going for hundreds of dollars on embay! Happy almost Friday


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