Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Math

Grab-Bag Subtraction

I recently took a math class that focused on using Kathy Richardson's assessment series. You can click here to read more about her evaluation tools. What I loved about this course is that the instructor had us administer the Kathy Richardson assessments and from the information, gathered we would pinpoint what each child knew and still needed to learn. Every few weeks I would conduct the assessments and then provide lessons at their stage of development.

Kathy Richardson's books are excellent math recourse. Her games are designed to meet a range of learners. Each section gives clear examples of how to make a game easier or more challenging. Kids love playing her math games!

Math Game: Grab-Bag Subtraction

Why I like this game: Super easy to teach and the kids LOVE it!

Materials  needed: Brown paper bag
                                 Recording Sheet (Optimal)

Record the number you are working with on the bag on the recording sheet.
(I always tell my kids that the bag should always have the same number)
I assign kids numbers that are just right for them.

Step #2
Kids can play this game alone or with a partner. 

Lastly,  I would love to thank Kelsey for my new blog design. She is amazing! 


  1. Please do not publish my comment - the subtraction bag link is now working!

  2. I LOVE the blog makeover! This is a great activity!

  3. I like Kathy's ideas. I have a few of her books.


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