Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Name Writing Assessment

Here is a quick tool I plan to use this year to assess name writing. At the end of each month have your students write their name on a Post-it and glue it to that month.

January will be a time to notice growth! I will probably record students' thoughts because the box is pretty small.
If you teach first grade you may assess first and last name.

When students come into school each day I use the Name Ticket Strategy from Nellie Edge's Site.


  1. I use Nellie edge name tickets and have struggled with an assessment system/ goal setting. This is so simple and so smart!!!

  2. Isn't Nellie Edge fabulous! Not only use name tickets, but sign language, heart words, songs, too!

  3. Ditto about Nellie...she is amazing and I use all of her suggestions! Her books are great too! I was struggling with the same assessment issue too! I am glad you will use this! Melissa


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