Saturday, September 21, 2013

Reading and Writing Workshop

Here are some of the anchor charts my class made to kick off reading and writing workshop. 

Three Ways To Read A Book

To kick off 3 Ways to Read a Book, I used the familiar book NO DAVID by David Shannon. I feel like most kindergarteners have heard this book before, so it's familiar and easy to read. I also like to share it while writing time too because this is a story based on real life experience. 

Writing Workshop

This is my anchor chart for writing workshop. I did start writing workshop on the first day of school. For me personally, I want to send the message to my students that writing is so important that we need to start it right away. 
 Of course each day, I am doing a quick mini-lesson that connects to the workshop.

September Lessons

 Taking care of our writing tool
Using the date stamp
Using "Bubble Gum" spelling
Each page connects
Where writers get ideas
Rereading your work

 I pick one thing to focus on with my students. I circulate the room asking students about their books and helping students add letters/words to their books. If my mini-lesson focused on drawing, I am going to have someone who made a detailed picture share.

Sharing Time

I think this is the BEST book I have read about sharing time at the end of writing workshop. The book is called Don't Forget To Share The Crucial last Step In the Writing Workshop by Leah Mermelstein. I use all of Leah's suggestions for sharing time.

Writing Workshop Board

I have not introduced this board yet to my class, but I plan to in a few weeks. The students will put their name on the spot that they are working on at the start of writing workshop. I will probably use little Post-its


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