Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunflowers and Summer

Shared Reading~September
Sunflower Children
Poem for Pocket Chart 
Click here for Pocket chart and Poem  

Students can investigate sunflowers.
Draw sunflowers in their science notebooks.
After reading and exploring sunflowers draw facts they learned.
The class could take photographs like Kate does in her book Sunflower. Have
students glue the photographs in their science notebooks and label the parts. 

I made this on Skitch. I plan to do a lot of labeling with this app. 

Students can create a Bubble Thinking Map describing a sunflower.

Students can paint sunflowers.
Make sunflowers out of clay.
My friend Amy created a sunflower poster with all of her students' hands.  She had it hanging in the center of her classroom. 
{Thanks for sharing Amy.}

 Summer Books For Writing Time
Jangles is the perfect book to kick off storytelling.  
It is a little scary but full of suspense. (My son Owen was scared because of Jangle's fishhooks). I love David Shannon books...this is my FAVORITE!
I came across this book and quickly added it to my Amazon wish list. There are many things I love about this bookBeachcombing by Jim Arnosky is an informational picture book about the beach.  When I read this book to my two boys, it quickly brought us back to our memories this summer on the beach. You can see the beautiful layout below.

~Where writers get their ideas~

 I love that Jim has a wonderful author's note about how he visited twenty-six different beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. He and his wife Deanna walked the shorelines looking for things that made each beach special. He tells how he made lots of little sketches in his notebook and took pictures of everything. He used his drawings and photographs to make Beachcombing.  
This book is a treasure!

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  1. I use sunflowers during a plant unit in spring. Love the ideas... especially letting the kids take a picture and label the parts and the handprint sunflowers your friend made! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.



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