Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Literacy Lessons this Week in KC

Daily 5 

This week we are picking goals we are working on, on the Daily 5 board. The children put their name on a Post-it and stick it on the board. There are four categories for students to select from

Expanded Vocabulary

You can see under each section the learning goals we are working on.

This week we added to the chart know there are spaces between words.  I made Space People for the class, and we modeled using them during an interactive writing lesson.  I saw this in Linda Hoyt's book. 

When we were working on our Guess Who Books one partner wrote while the other person was the Space Person. One child said, "Mrs. Clancy do you think we can use these at writing workshop time?" I can't believe I have never thought of making these sticks!!!! It was like magic,  beautiful spaces were everywhere. I am thinking of a similar tool to make for rereading our work.

Word Work
This is an example of a word work station during Daily 5 time. 

Building words is a  simple station. I put three words in the lunch box with the magnet letters. The students have to read, make, mix up three times. I love how the letters stay in the lunch box and make it easier for the next person who works at this station. 

Shard Reading Cloze Procedure

When reading a new big book to the class, I often hide some of the words the first time we read it. The class gets super excited to figure out the word.

As a group, we find out what word would make sense? We talk about what word they would expect to see under the Post-It. Would that word make sense? Would it sound right?  Would it look right?

See me_____. 

The group replied ski  you can see (at the top) the different spellings children gave me for the word ski.

See me ________.  

 Dot To Dot Scramble

Working with a partner students had to reconnect the words, so the sentence is just the way it was in the book. 

They loved doing this lesson.  I  put a capital letter and a period on the page to help with starting and finishing places. I also wanted to reinforce that a sentence begins with a capital and ends with a period. Dot to Dot scramble came from Snap Shots by Linda Hoyt

Cloze Procedure Familiar poem

Interactive Writing

We are back from vacation and back to working on Guess Who books.  We read the book About Fish by Cathryn Sill.  I love this book. The text and information are perfect for kindergarten.

Interactive Writing

 We did a class version of Guess Who Swims. We focused on lowercase letters,  spacing,  spelling words, rereading for meaning and brainstorming facts we learned from the story. When I do an interactive writing lesson, I try to return to it during short transitions throughout the day and sometimes the whole week. 


  1. You always have such wonderful ideas!
    This is off topic, but I have a preschool (5 1/2-year-old) reader. I'd love to start working with him on writing, using some of your techniques. However, his writing is abysmal, and he resists practicing except on his worksheets at school. I feel like legible or at least semi-legible has to be a precursor to writing practice. Do you have any tips? I don't want to force the issue, especially before kindergarten.

  2. Fabulous post!! Lots of great information! I like your space alien idea. I do something similar. I use a tongue depressor with two small eyes and a large oval shaped open mouth. He's called Mr. Squeeze. Kids use him to remember NOT to squeeze their words together.
    Connie :)

  3. Are you familiar with Reading Recovery? I've just wondered, because you and I are so on the same page.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Mrs. Anderson, I love Mr. Squeeze I am going to have to use that next year!

  5. Tammy, We have a reading intervention program at my school that I have done some observations on. I think ideas from their lessons are based on the Reading Recovery model. I can never find a book about Reading Recovery. Next year, I got a grant to get a Leveled Literacy Intervention kit which I think will be great(Heinmann). I am hoping it will influence my teaching for all of the kids in my class. Are you certified Reading Recovery...that would be my dream!! Melissa

  6. Melissa, yep I am. I was trained about 15 years ago in my 3rd year of teaching. Did it ever change me as a teacher. It was an amazing experience.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  7. I had my students make those same sticks and here I thought it was an original idea! ;)

  8. I love your problem solving sheets! Can you please explain what a bug and a wish means? Thanks!

  9. It bugs me when you ____ I wish you would____. It bugs me when you get to go first all the time. I wish I got a turn to go first. Hope that helps!


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