Friday, April 6, 2012

In the Small Small Pond

We started an author study focusing on Denise Fleming's books. This week we read the book In The Small Small Pond. We painted pond pictures on yellow construction paper. We used two shade of blue to paint the water and a purple mop brush to add a pattern to the top. I let the pictures dry and on the following day we used Cray-pas to add creatures from the pond.

Denise makes her illustrations using a technique called Pulp Painting. It is pretty incredible to watch how she creates her paper and pictures. I found a video on YouTube.

Denise talks about how this book has yellow on each page to represent a hot sunny day.

To connect with ponds, we read Life In A Pond by Carol K. Lindeen

We read this book and created a F~Q~R chart. This lesson came from the book Nonfiction Mentor Text
The kids did a great job creating questions. 
We made illustrations of what we learned on a 
Circle Map and recorded a fact or two about ponds.
Ponds are shallow. 
Ponds have creatures in them.

Tadpoles turn into frogs. 
The green stuff is called Lilly Pads.
Fish live in ponds. 
They breathe underwater with their gills.

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