Sunday, January 15, 2012

Writing Workshop How To Stories

A few post back I started How To Stories with my class during writing workshop.

I always forget that k's love writing How To Stories!! It seems almost easier for them than personal narratives. The template I used below is posted on my blog if you want to download it. Many of the students are writing How To Plant a Garden, so I decided to share Lois Ehlert's books that connect to that.

 This year, I am trying to scan samples of students' books so I can use them for future mini-lessons.

How To Plant a Garden

{I love the illustrations}
First, Sun Shine Spot in backyard grass dirt
Nextseeds. Friends to help. Plant the seeds.
Then, plant the seeds you seed sun and water to make it grow. My mom will help.
Finally, they grow
How to Go Bowling
First, you need to put your bowling shoes on.
Next, you need to stand up.
Then, you need to pick up a bowling ball.
Finally, you have to throw the ball down the lane, and it hits the bowling pins.


  1. This is so so cute! I love it. The bowling one is hilarious. :) I just discovered your blog and it's really great.

  2. Thanks for the post on How To stories. We just started this unit of study by Lucy Calkins in my Kindergarten class! My students all came up with something they are really good at to write about, I was very impressed with the ideas they came up with on their own.

  3. I find that the template really helps them when writing and following the steps!

  4. Is there anyway I could get a copy of these! They are great!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love this idea. Like the previous comment, can you send me a copy of these pages?

    ~ Amy

  6. Hi Amy, I thought I could but I can't due to copyright issues with kids work. I may have a Voice Thread I could send you of the stories being read by kids. Sorry! Melissa

  7. I'm starting how to writing next week! Thanks for the ideas! Can you send me a copy of these pages? Thank you for sharing your teaching experiences!


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