Saturday, January 28, 2012

Story Maps

Some of the activities focusing on Rosemary Wells books.

Retelling the Characters, Setting, Problem, and Solution

I took the idea of a Tree map and tried it out with story characters. We listed words to describe how the character was feeling during the story. I listed them at the easel and then typed up the words on labels.

We read Hazel's Amazing Mother on the second reading we talked about the word Fantasy and recorded things that happened and things that could not happen.

We read this story a few times. 
These are the WOW words from the story.

I like to show the class the words before I reread that book,  that way the group zeros in on listening to where the WOW words are. 

We talk about what the word means  and we act out the word.
We have had lots of discussion on how we notice her main characters are animals but act like people. 

Her stories often have problems and solutions. 

We have been making  text to self-connections and text to text connections. 

This week we focused on reading the books connected to Timothy and the students from Mrs. Jenkins class. 

We love reading books starring Yoko. 

Below are some of our problem and solution responses from the story Yoko's World of Kindness.

Each chapter in this book focuses on a different problem happening in the classroom.

Retelling Problem: Solution

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  1. Your kindergarteners do some great thinking work in your class!

    Forever in First


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