Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Think Mice are Nice

This post will share with you some of the lessons I recently taught this week connecting literacy and math.

 Last week we read the story Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  This week we have been using this story to create mice story problems. 

During Shared Reading Time, we learned the poem I Think Mice Are Nice and made little mice.  We added this poem to our Poetry binders. During word study time, we recorded words with the ICE chunk.

Shared Reading
I Think Mice Are Nice
Ice House
Counting Jar

The jar changes with a different week. At this point in the year, I have some students who this station is too easy for, so I created a +plus five/plus six sheet. 

If there are 12 objects in the jar, they add to the objects and make a number sentence. 

I still have many students who still need practice counting and recording, so those students use the counting only. 

I added the numbers to these sheets because I have so many students struggling with double-digit identification. 

You can download the counting jar sheet below and the counting jar sheet plus five/plus six. 

The Counting Jar is a simple stations!

Mice Story Problems

This week we added story problems to math workshop. We went back to Mouse Count and created mice problems. 

 We added a number line to solving problems too.  This gives my students another visual tool to use. 

 You can download a problem-solving sheet with or without the number line.

How many Mice in Jar Number Line Mice Jar Counting Jar jar plus 5

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  1. Amazing! I just told this story yesterday using props. The kids loved it and retold it during play and later as a literacy station. This will be a great addition to our math stations. The poem is wonderful.
    Liz McCaw at http://crazyforkindergarten68.blogspot.com/


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