Monday, October 8, 2012

Reading in KC

MY Daily 5 Cafe Board

You can see on my board that I added WOW words to the left. I used that awesome big Post-It's for the top. I do plan to glue them down. I have just started talking about the things we will be working on to be successful readers at Daily 5 Time.We have worked on check for understanding.

I love this anchor chart for picking books. I got this idea from Pam Allyn's I love all of her books and get so many good ideas from her resources. I started my Guided Reading groups last week. I am lucky that I have half my class stays for a full day, and the other half goes home.


 I also have my kids pick one book in their bucket to be a LOOK BOOK.  A Look Book is a book that they love, but they know they can't read. I find that most of the kids pick books that I have read aloud or are nonfiction topics that interest them. Some years, I did let kids put a few  LOOK BOOKS in their  buckets and found that it could easily become out of control.  So, this year I am  sticking with just one.

Of course,  my students are looking at different kinds of books all the time, this is just books that go in their bucket.


We continue to work on retelling and using the story strings to talk about books. Below you can find the template to the flow map I shared this week. While posting this, I realized if I made a little cover they could be made into a little retelling book.

On the flow map below, students created illustrations with a partner.

We talked about the different parts of the story, and I typed the words.


  1. Love your anchor charts!!

  2. I use Daily 5, but I haven't read CAFE yet. I really need to get that done. I love seeing what your k kids are doing.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Tammy once you read the CAfe it will be your favorite part of Daily 5 Time!! Especially you with your literacy background!

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I could not get this link to work. :) Thanks so much!


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