Monday, August 27, 2012

Writing Workshop September Books

This post will share with you the writing workshop book that I created for the month of September to use with my students.
This is the cover of my September writing workshop book. The cover is photocopied on purple paper. I like to have the covers of stories different colors each month to help me with the organization. The circle is for the students to number their stories(I got this idea from Mary Ellen Giacobbe). I love the suggestions Mary Ellen writes about for managing student folders too.

I do have my books stapled together. I put four or five lined pieces in a book. I like to start the year off with writing books. I know many teachers use journals. I don't use journals for writing workshop because I want my students always to be thinking about creating stories. 

This is stapled to the back of their book facing out (photocopied in black and white). I always want to get better at documenting where students are at. 

Of course, the first few months of school focuses on learning all the procedures that kids need to learn during workshop time

Below are my mini-lesson's for the start of September!

This summer I read the book What's Next For this Beginning Writer? By Janine Reid and Betty Schultze with Ulla Petersen. I know the idea of kids telling their story is not a new concept, but I love how the authors wrote, "If they can't say it, they can't write it!" One of my favorite mini-lessons from this book was teaching the 3 B's.  

Happy Writing!


  1. Great ideas on writer's workshop! Sounds like a good book too. Guess I have another book to put on my list!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. She is a great writer and presenter. She came to our scool district a couple of years ago. The book also lends itself to bookclub.

    Liz :)


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