Monday, March 19, 2012

Problem Solving In Kindergarten

We are always working on problem-solving in school.  We have been talking about problems and solutions at Open Circle time. As a follow-up to our class discussions, working with a friend, students  filled in the sheet below.  

some of our problem responses

Problem-Solving Sheets for Students 

I love using problem-solving sheets. Some years the kids use them all the time while other years not so much. I just created the pictures for a kindergarten version. 

At large group time, we created a pretend problem and filled in the sheet together. 

I find this tool helpful for kids who always want to tell me everything that happens at recess. 

I often stop them and say fill in a sheet and then we can talk. 

When I taught first grade the students had no problem filling in this sheet

 Click here to Download the Problem Solving Sheets 

Henry and The Bully and Loudmouth George
and the Sixth-Grade Bully are two great books that deal with problem-solving.


  1. These are wonderful! My kiddos need as much help as they can get with problem solving. :)

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. So very creative and useful. Thank you for sharing something that K's can do.

  3. i love these problem solving sheets. Thank you for sharing the link for Open Circle. I'm going to try to mention it to our asst. administrator!

  4. I am always surprised at how effective the sheet can be for some kids. I am glad you can use them! Open Circle is a great program it is a requirement of new staff in my school system.It is similar to the Responsive Classroom. Have a great day everyone! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Melissa

  5. Great sheet,thanks for sharing. Can you explain Bug and a wish from the classroom solutions part of the worksheet?

  6. Hi Jennie, You teach the child to say...It bugs me when you have to always be the mom when we play house I wish I could get a turn to be the mom. I meant to put that explanation on my post but I forgot! Melissa

  7. Hi! I would love to download these problem solving sheets, but the link is broken! Are they still available? thanks! Katie

  8. Hi, I have the same question as kmakfan. I would love to use your sheets for my kindergarten guidance lessons on problem solving but am unable to get the link to work. Are your downloads still available? Thank you! -Heather

  9. I wasn't able to access the link to the problem solving sheets. Thanks :)

  10. I wasn't able to access the link to the problem solving sheets and would love to have a copy. Would you care to send to my email address - Thanks!

  11. I cannot get the link to work to access the problem solving sheets. Could you please email then to me? My emial is:


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