Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Suess Fun!

This post will share many fun Dr. Seuss things we have done this week! We made the Big Book Cat In The Hat, Cat In the Hat, What do You See?  You can see the finished book at the bottom of this post.

Dr. Suess Big Book

Dr.Seuss Stations

This year I had Dr. Seuss Day

I had four different stations with parent helpers. 
The activities lasted about forty minutes. 
I wanted three helpers and had eight!  The kids did not have to go to every station. 

I also had parents Guest read each morning and gave them a Dr. Seuss book to read.

Creature Creation
 I got the idea from this post here.
We made Creatures and named them.  You can check them out at the bottom of this post. We put them on plates and used colored Sharpies to write their names.
  Play a Dr. Seuss Game 

 TPT by  Donna M. Glynn called Dr. Seuss Pack. 
Dr. Seuss Bingo
Great Bingo Games 
The MOST popular Oobleck.
Recipe for Oobleck
Drawing on the computer

We worked on Kerpoof
Draw a picture of a favorite Dr. Seuss book.

Favorite Color Day

I got lots of great ideas from Mrs. Bell's  a Place Called Kindergarten. We wore our favorite color to school and made a graph. I love how this came out. I was not planning on doing this graph, but a child said, "Mrs. Clancy we wore our favorite colors now what?"

We also watercolor the Cat in The Hat which was another idea from Mrs. Bell 

Below is a Bridge Map. Next week we plan to do Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in The Hat.
This is our published book Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Hat, What do you see? Below you will see pictures of our creatures too!
Here are our Creature Creations!

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  1. What fun Dr. Seuss Day ideas! I am sure your kids had a blast. :)
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