I am in the process of putting downloads on this page from some of my early posts.
I often get emails that sometimes it is difficult to download.

click here to download stamping book
click here for writing goal sheet


  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for making your activities/printables accessible. I am really impressed with the level of learning which occurs in your classroom. You expose your learners to excellent literature while incorporating appropriate literacy lessons. I get a lot of ideas from you. It's wonderful to see that kids at this age are academically challenged. One final word . . . I just love your display charts (including how you chart student responses). You have a regular follower, indeed!


  2. I came upon your great blog and was wondering if you can share something. I am going to do my first observation on making predictions and saw your making predictions sheet with the book Buster by Denise Flemings. Can you send me that sheet the kids fill in and colored? My email is

  3. I am new to pinterest and blogs but I can say that I love your blog. You have wonderful and so much critical thinking in your classroom that I am really eager to try some of your ideas in my classroom. I also am wondering if you can email me your counting pages because I am unable to download any of your items. It might be my computer/laptop. My email is
    you have a follower down in the Rio Grande Valley!!!!!!

  4. i love all of your downloads please put the color book I would love to have that for my students!

  5. I love all your downloads. It is very kind of you to have those freebies. I am unable to pring the downloads for Eric Carls on scribd. Is there any way you could email them to me? Thanks, Tracy

  6. I also cannot get the Eric Carle downloads. Is it possible to email them to me as well? :)

  7. Ah, yes, I am looking for the Eric Carle downloads as well. I really love the ideas you present through your blog!

  8. Love all the activities!!I would love to get the Eric Carle downloads as well as the animal movement cards. Is it possible for you to email them to me?
    Thanks so much!

  9. I love your unit on verbs. It is such a great way to introduce them, even to my 2nd grade language students. I was unable to download the Move! cards. Would you mind emailing them to me?


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